Thursday, July 1, 2010 landscaping!

Maine is filled with such beautiful flowers. It seems that every year when I come home, we find more and more varities growing on the property. And most years I dig up a few to take back to NC. About half of them have grown in the southern climate-- Columbine and Lily of the Valley to name a couple. Most of the Mainers I know are of the generous ilk. I have asked many folks around this area if I could dig up a flower or two and the answer has always been "yes," usually followed by advice on how they best grow. I have likewise offered to let fellow gardeners dig on my property. It's a wonderful way to have a natural landscape for no cost except your labor. Finding time to dig the flowers right before we travel home and them finding time to transplant them when we get there is always a bit tricky...but it is so worth the time when I see the Columbine come back every year.

Last year Mike and I bought two Lupine plants(see picture) at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. I was so excited because it is the one plant that I have never successfully transplanted. We asked at the shop and were assured that they grew quite well and would come back every year. This was in October last year. They never grew this spring. UGH. Maybe I'll keep trying...they grow like weeds up here.

This year I want to bring back more Columbine, Daisies, ferns and some various other plants. (I don't know the names.) I'll let you know the progress on the other end.

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