Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm 42!!

Happy 42nd Birthday to me! For all of you who sent wishes via facebook and otherwise...THANKS!
I am truly blessed.

This morning I was quite nostalgic as I spent some time walking by my little brook (creek for you southerners) drinking my coffee. As long as I am here and busy, I am fine. When I start counting the days til I leave, I get all sappy. But once I get back to NC and get into the fall routine, all will be well.

After my walk, I picked a bazillion green beans, radishes the size of small potatoes and about a quart and a half blueberries. My country girl fingers are hopelessly stained from digging in the dirt and scraping beets. Then we headed to Lincoln for Mom's doctor appt. That went very well. He really encouraged her and told her that she was making the right decision- for her- and she seemed very happy  to hear that from him.  She still has no pain or other symptoms...God is sooooo good!

We went to Subway for my birthday lunch and used the money from all the cans and bottles we turned in to be recycled. (We get 5 cents a can in Maine). Went to Rite Aid and bought $51.00 worth of stuff...but after sales, coupons and a $10 gift card, I paid $22. Also got back $9 in +UP rewards, will get $3 in RA rebates and another $12.99 for a Tena pad rebate. So basically, they paid me 3 bucks to take the stuff. Great birthday gift!!

Then we headed to my brother's house for a mini-reunion and had some great grilled dogs and chicken and some of those bazillion beans. And my big sis bought me a birthday cake...yummm.
Again, I am soooo blessed.

Tomorrow I get to take the van in. Doggone torque converter...going to get a transmission flush to the tune of $120.00. Ugh. But, I assure you, as much as two different mechanics assured me, that I can make it home to NC with no least with the transmission.  21 hours with 4 kids and a dog has its own set of issues--but honestly, the kids are great and we generally laugh a lot and it really isn't too bad at all.

Happy Evening to you all!

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  1. Sorry I missed your birthday. I was all wrapped up in celebrating with my hubby who turned 39. Who knew you had the same birthday!?!