Wednesday, July 7, 2010


"I will not offer to my Lord that which cost me nothing." King David

For some reason, known to God and perhaps slightly feared by me, I cannot seem to get this verse out of my mind. As usual when I am at camp, there is a wonderfully unsettled feeling that has come upon me. I know this happens when I am serious about seeking God's will. I am convinced that the majority of us--myself included--don't like the idea of sacrifice. We want even our "sacrifices" to God to be easy...but "sacrifice" by definition, must involve some level of discomfort. We enjoy our cush lives and when something happens that makes us even the slighest bit uncomfortable, we try to figure out the "problem," and generally think that God must be upset with us to cause us this pain ( I am a master at this!). Not necessarily so...although I do believe God loves us enough to do what it takes to get our attention.

A friend of mine (I love you Mary:) who has lost a husband and daughter to cancer was telling me a story about a friend of hers who is very wealthy, has a beautiful home, model-material wife, 3 healthy kids...but recently ditched his family. When she confronted him about it, he said he was going through "stuff." Oh please...this to a lady who has sacrificed so much. My blogger friends, guess what? Life is all about what we do with the "stuff." And saving all the money in the world won't take the "stuff" out of our paths.

Time for me to go spend some quality time with the "stuff-Master"!!

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