Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long Day...

It's the end of the day, and I am trying to stay awake to blog:).

This morning I drove my Mom to Wytopitlock to visit a cousin, pulled out all the fencing and posts on my brother's two rows of peas and picked a big bucket of green beans. My friend Kelly came to visit and brought swiss chard and we had a veritable veggie feast for supper...yum!!

Here's the news on the tightwad homefront in NC where Mike is holding down the fort. The dryer had stopped working right before I left to come to Maine. He was looking at a $85 minimum service call when he mentioned the problem to his friend Scott, who came by and diagnosed the little GE. Seems she overheated and some part needed to be replaced. They went to the shop and the GE part was going to be $118.00...yikes!! But the shop guy said Frigidaire makes GE and he looked up the same interchangable part in Frigidaire and it was only $18.00. Oh yeah. So, thanks to the shop guy, our friend Scott and my husband for getting the dryer ready for my return. I could live without it as long as the neighbor keeps the clothesline thanks to Debbie also!

I look forward to going home...but I hate the thought of leaving Maine. It is especially hard this year with Mom's diagnosis, but she continues to do well. Pretty amazing for 88 years old, actually.

Time for some tightwad sleep!

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  1. Our dryer stopped working a couple months ago, so we put up a clothesline while we figure out how to fix it or replace it. I have been thrilled - our electic bill has been under $50 for the last two months (usually between 90 and 110) and I love how fresh my clothes smell after hanging on the line. Of course, it means more work, but I enjoy hanging clothes out in nice weather. It also means that clean clothes are at the mercy of the weather. Make no mistake, though, I will not be using the clothesline in the winter. Too many Maine winters playing that game! We will have a dryer by the time cold weather hits. Enjoy your last few days in Maine!