Saturday, July 31, 2010

Remains of the Day

You are right, I didn't blog yesterday. This is why. My mom, 2 months after being diagnosed with cancer, lost her home to fire last night. The kids and I had just been there a couple of hours before. We are just so thankful that even though Mom had been sleeping, she awoke and was able to get out and to a neighbor's house. I can't even begin to write the horror of the 10 minutes when I rounded the corner and thought she was in the house. When her neighbor finally saw me and told me she was OK, I was a bowl of jelly. Of course, watching 57 years worth of memories go up in smoke is a difficult thing, to put it mildly. My mom had 50 years of diaries and photos in that old house. So many memories.

We sat on my couch and talked until 3 am, mom and I. She is pretty remarkable. This is the 3rd time in her 88 years that she has lost a home to fire. We talked about all of those. But in the end, we were laughing. Those of you who know my mom know she loves her mail. So at the end of the day, she simply said, "Oh well, God has a plan for us all and at least my mailbox is still standing!" I said, "That's the quote I'm going to put on my blog." And she told me, "Yes, you just quote me on that!"

I didn't sleep. At about 5 am I picked up my Bible and simply asked God for a verse. This is where I opened: "...these are difficult days...make the most for every opportunity you have for doing to each other about the Lord...and always give thanks for everything..." From Ephesians 5.

And so I say, God is good, ALL the time.


  1. Oh, honey, we're so sorry this has happened to your mom and your family. Her strength is amazing, her faith even more so. Please tell her we're praying for her.


  2. tricia i so sorry ... some time we dont know what wrong with each and every one of us but GOD know what he doing ...i just got your Mom letter today and im so happy for that and now you and your Mom have to going through with the lost of your Mom house . please give her a hugs for us and tell her we love her so so so much .

  3. I was sad to hear the news of your mom losing her home. I can't begin to imagine what you were feeling in those few minutes before you found out she was safe. God is amazing! "When the time is right the Grace will be there." I love that quote. I read your blog every day and have grown rather attached to your summer life in Maine! God be with you all in this difficult time.
    Trish from Greensboro

  4. Oh dear....I am teary sitting here and in awe! What a women of God your Mom is! I love her statement of her mailbox...and I love the verse you shared! Praying for you and thanking God for the safety of your Mom. Love to all...Paula

  5. So very sad for the loss of your many memory pictures. Precious things that went up in smoke, but still are secure in your hearts forever. Praying that the Lord will restore all your Mom lost. "For He is able to do exceedingly abunduntly above all that we ask or think..."

  6. Oh, Trish, I am SO sorry, but SO happy to hear that your mother is OK. Life sure has been throwing her curveballs lately, hasn't it? As always, your family is in my thoughts and prayers.