Sunday, August 1, 2010


I seem to be having a difficult time organizing my thoughts...but here goes:

As our family has been reflecting on the loss of our childhood house, it struck us that with the mobile society we live in, few extended families have a place that all six children call home, especially a family where there is a 27 year span between the youngest and the oldest.  It's as if we all lost our house, not just my mom. If my own home had burned, it wouldn't have had nearly the emotional impact. And yet, there is much to be thankful for...namely, my mom got out! A blogger friend emailed today expressing her sympathy about the fire. She said her cousin just lost a house to fire...and all 3 of the children were in the house. Wow. I can't imagine.

Ultimately, I want to believe that Christ is my everything. And He is showing me more and more what is truly necessary and valuable. 

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  1. Dear Trish,

    I cannot begin to imagine what you and your family are going through but am praising the Lord that your mother is safe and that you are seeing His hands in support. Thank you for sharing.

    love, john