Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running on empty...Free magazine subscription!

I worked a night shift yesterday and haven't had the chance to sleep yet, so forgive me if my moughts are thuddled...

Mike and I, along with Abby, met with the high school guidance counsellor today. Hooo-weeee! So much to think about and so many deadlines. But Abby will end up right where God wants her, so I'm not too concerned.

Let me tell you about a few GREAT deals from the past couple of days. I did go to and placed an order, using the code I listed for 50% off clearance. I bought $1350.00 worth of stuff for $190, which included tax. Shipping was free. Got a cashmere/wool blend suit for Mike for Christmas (he never reads my just watch, he'll read this one!) that was regulary $550.00 for $99.00. I'm pretty psyched about that. He's been wanting a quality suit for some time now. Shhhhh...DON'T tell him! Some other items also, lots of Christmas gifts out of the way.

Sunday a new yogurt shop--Feeneys--opened on Skeet Club in High Point. All you want to get frozen yogurt and toppings for free. It was worth the wait in line. Keep your eye opened for one coming near you! I would have told you all about it, but found out kinda late in the game.

Today I made a run to Rite-Aid since I was going by. Before sales/coupons: $39.00. I paid $21, but got back $3 in +UP rewards and will get a $8.00 rebate. About a 75% savings, not too shabby for items I needed anyway.

There was a coupon in the HP Enterprise today (8/18) for a free pair of jeans with a $15 purchase at Goodwill, anywhere in Central Carolina. This has the potential to be a great value and is valid until the end of of August.

Here's a great deal: Get 11 free issues of Parenting Early Years Magazine (1 year) from ValueMags in this free sample offer. I have received several free subscriptions from ValueMags in the past. You can expect to see your first free issue arrive in 6 to 10 weeks. This is a free sample offer not a free trial: (thanks freebies 4 moms)

Ohhh, happy sleep...

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