Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Groupon and other great codes

It's official, I've become a Groupon junkie. I have no idea why I avoided this for so long...there are several deals that I really wish I had done. What is Groupon, you may ask? Basically, Groupon is a "group coupon," that is only issued if a certain number of people sign up for them. Most are for local businesses, although a few, like the recent Gap and Picaboo deals, are on a national level. There is a new Groupon issued daily, but for most, you have a fairly lengthy expiration window. I purchased the Gap groupon for $25; it is good for $50.00. Yesterday I got a groupon good for $12 at a local gelato shop for only $5.00. I encourage you to check out the site and choose the city close to you. Good way to help save a little money during these tough times!! http://www.groupon.com/r/uu6307778

There are more Office Max Freebies again this week! This time it’s free pens, pencils and markers. Order up to 6 each, or as few as you like, pay up front and then get it all back in rewards later. Max Perks rewards can only be used at Office Max. You will need to sign up for a Max Perks account. You are able to roll your Max Perks rewards. They do take a little while to come in, but you can use them on future free Max Perks deals and then get more back… fun times! These deals are only available online. Remember orders over $50 get free shipping as well. Go to http://www.officemax.com/ and click on the maxrewards link.

http://www.restaurant.com/ is another great money saving site. Right now you can get a $25.00 coupon for only $2.00 with code CLEARANCE.

Sign up here: http://www.cheerios.com/promotions/begin/Default.aspx for 4 dollar off Cheerios coupons. This also enters you  into a contest for free Cheerios products.

The rumors are flying on various blog sites that Walgreens will finally come out with an official coupon policy on Thursday. Let's hope. That would just make life much easier when planning Walgreens shopping.

Get a free gift! Purchase COVERGIRL Clean and complete your look with a nice fall accessory. To receive your free scarf, simply send your receipt, name and address to

Attn: Covergirl Redbook,
300 W. 57th St 22nd fl
NY, NY 10019

The scarf looks like it's a solid purple color. Receipts must be dated 8/25 - 9/20. Note that only Covergirl Clean qualifies. While supply lasts, one per household.

Happy Shopping, blogger buds!

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  1. I got a CVS sample of Nexus shampoo, conditioner and hydra conditioner in the mail yesterday. Would this be something you'd use? I probably won't use it.