Thursday, August 12, 2010

A day in the life.

Not much in way of  "new deals" to post...

I had an eventful day. Served lunch to the HS teaching staff at our home today, approximately 30 people. The typical BBQ fare: burgers, dogs, chips...but the most complimented was my homemade potato salad and homemade salsa. I'll post recipes soon. I LOVE homemade salsa, we can eat it as a meal in itself at our home. And I like to serve ice cream sandwiches for dessert. A big hit all around and only $1.99 for 12 at Aldi! One nice perk of having folks over: it forces me to clean my house!!

This afternoon I walked to the hospital and the bank. It was 97 degrees and I hardly broke a sweat. I think my body has been southernized:). Tonight is the open house at school. Finally, all four kids go to the same open house...big milestone! So, sorry to make this short, but I must run!!


  1. How have you managed this "souternization"? I've lived here my whole life and there is definite sweating during these hot and humid days!!

  2. Homemade salsa makes a wonderful summer meal - I agree! And this year, both of my kids will be attending the same school, and I am unreasonably thrilled with just one schedule, pick up time, etc.

  3. I don't know Michelle...all I can say is that the first 3 years we lived here, I thought i would DIE from the heat, now I love it! Erin...isn't it exciting!!

  4. I would be doing more than would be scraping me off the sidewalk...guess who?