Monday, August 16, 2010

Last day of freedom...homemade salsa recipe

I know some parents look forward to their kids going back to school because there is more "freedom." But not me. I keep looking at their lunch boxes under the counter, knowing that when I get them out, it's the start of scheduled everything. Uck. I like the freedom of not having to be there to pick them up at school every day at 3pm. The freedom of not getting up at 6:30 am and the freedom of late lunches...or maybe none at all. Alas. It is all but over. C'est la vie. Enjoy each season for what it is, we must.

Trying to find a decent pair of running shose for my 15 year old without going bankrupt. I just refuse to spend 100 bucks, or even $75. Just insane. I've been able to find decent shoes for all the other kids, but Will's size 11.5 feet have me stymied. Keep looking at and ebay. I will be victorious!!

Just made a big bowl of homemade salsa. Just chop onions, tomatoes and fresh cilantro. Add salt, pepper, hot sauce and lime juice to taste...or add none at all. We love this stuff!! Is there anything better than a fresh tomatoe, right off the vine and warm from the sun? I think not.

I'm not much of a radio listener myself, but this is a good deal of  any of you have ever wanted to try sirius satellite radio. Clik here and get a 30 day free trial, just don't forget to cancel!:

There just aren't very many free samples out there right now. I guess everyone is focusing on back to school sales. Miss getting stuff in my box every day!!

Happy Day!


  1. when nate was running he got really good deals at hope this helps