Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lovin' the crockpot!

I'm officially tired. I worked a 12 hour night shift and wasn't able to sleep today. Almost 39 hours with no sleep makes for a foggy-headed mama. Did manage to just finish making strawberry oatmeal squares, a chocolate cake, homemade mac n cheese and a big pot of chicken soup for supper tomorrow. Now when I'm even more tired after the kids first Cross Country meet tomorrow and they are all wanting to go to the resaurant with everyone else, I will tell them dinner is in the crockpot!

Abby filled out 2 more college apps so far: 4.

Thanks to Bradsdeals for this info: New customers can get a one month free trial of Blockbuster By Mail with code 4weekfreetrial2010. That's two weeks longer than the usual trial and the best trial offer we've seen from Blockbuster since June. This "two discs at a time" plan applies to both DVD and Blu-ray movies and games and includes five in-store exchanges.  Note that this plan will continue at $16.99 per month after your trial expires; you must cancel it before the trial is over or you'll be billed for a month's membership. Unlike Netflix, there is no extra charge for Blu-ray rentals plus you can get 5 free in-store movie exchanges (for many this is the best part). Too bad our High Point BB is out of business! Go to and look for the link.

Here is a link for a coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase at JC Penney. Only good until 8/28.

Tomorrow I have a class at the hospital and then it's off to the cross country meet. I'll try to get the blog done somewhere in between!

Oh, happy sleep...

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