Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can't cut back to part time?? Free Rayovac

Work meeting done....nice coffee and muffins provided for breakfast! Grilled cheese and fresh tomato for lunch (smile...favorite foods!) Chicken soup in the crock pot for supper. Getting ready to go to the first cross country meet. I love cc!! Why? Every kid "plays" in every "game." Everyone cheers for the other guy...and even for the runners on the other teams, and it's OK!! It's an individual sport, and yet every finish matters when it comes to scoring. There isn't a bunch of expensive equipment or training.  It's a sport you can keep doing for the rest of your life. And cc parents just rock!! We know our kids are awesome and we're out there (with cowbells???!!!) at the finish line. It's the only sport--at our school anyway--where all four of my kids, 7th-12th grade, are on the same team. Tonight is my youngest first race. He's pumped and I can't wait to watch!!

I read an article last night in Money magazine (free subscription, of course) about a family who was trying to figure out a way for mom to cut back to part time work. Stats: Mom and Dad in their late 20s, two kids ages 3 and 1. Combined salary: $133,000.00. Mom wants to cut down to 20 hours a week but, doggone it, they just can't make ends meets if they loose 32 thousand a year, sniff sniff. Hmmmm. Our combined salary is less than half theirs (despite my lousy inaccurate reporting bad). I feed 7 people, 2 cats, 1 dog and 6 fish. I took two months off this summer. We went on a cruise (OK....a really cheap one, but still...) We have no debt but our mortgage. We eat fine and dress decently. We give a lot away!! Honestly, help me out here. Are most folks really that stupid with their money? I guess when the average credit card debt is over 5 grand and the economy is still going downhill, I should know the answer, but articles like this always shock/sadden/aggravate me. I just don't understand. Off my soapbox...

Got my Atkins kit with 3 free bars in the mail yesterday. That was fast.

I'm very happy to announce that Walgreens now has a nationwide coupon policy!! No more annoying cashiers making up their own rules on the spot. Best new policy? Up to 2 coupons can be used if there is a BOGO sale. Woot. I'm going to print a copy (see link) and carry it in my wallet because I know I'm going to need it. In fact, I can't wait to whip it out and use it! If you are a serious couponer, you should print one also.

RayOVac Alkaline batteries are as cheap as .94 at Walmart. If you go to the Rayovac Facebook page, the $1 coupon has been reset. Click to 'like', then click the "coupon" tab. FP = free


  1. I totally agree on the cross country...both my boys ran and it is true..everyone roots for everyone...i had a big sign i made and it went to all the races..we were our kids biggest fans..made stickers and everything...and also on the can't live on part of your blog...would love to trade incomes with people sometimes to just be able to say shut up..and quit of luck to the kids in their race..

  2. You are so right, cuz...would that we could trade places for a week. First race was great. Middle School boys ran separately and Lee finished first! Our HS boys won, we took 2-6 places. One team has this incredible runner--Scott Morgan. He always places 2 minutes or so faster than everyone else. It's really cool to watch him. Everybody cheers for him 'cause you can't help but revel in the greatness. He makes it look so easy! He's a Sr. this year...I'll actually miss seeing him. Anyway...he always finishes first, but as a whole, our team beats them. Will came in 4th, as did Abby. Aaron's times continue to improve also. Just love it!! I think I'm going to make a poster...great idea:)!