Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cheap Checks & Free Queso Chips @ Chili's

Sign up for Chilis email and get a free Queso and chips coupon...great deal that probably won't last long. If you fill in your birthday info, it will link you to another coupon for a free brownie Sundae!!

If you get free checks from your bank, great! If not, this is by far the best deal I have found for ordering them by mail or online. Go to Order two boxes of regular wallet style checks. In step two of the check out process, it will ask you if you have a code. Use DE0378. This dropped my price from $37ish to $4.05 and I chose the free shipping. I'm not sure when this deal ends, so I went ahead and ordered my now. 

Don't forget that I have a drawing coming up if we get to 200 subscribers/followers. When I looked a few days ago, I had 198. I think we surpassed the goal at some point, because I always have a few folks every  month that unsubscribe. Surely you can get one or two more to add to the list for me?! If we don't hit the goal by Sept 2, I will draw for another gift card. 

Going to pick up a few deals at CVS before they end today. Only spent $73 at Aldi yesterday.  Got a few deals at Walgreens and cheap TP at RiteAid. Homemade pizza for supper...mmmmmm.

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