Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going out of business////Free Bridal Magazine!

I hate to see some of my favorite stores closing. The only good thing about it is the great going-out-of-business sales. Clover Leaf, my favorite Mom and Pop grocer, closed while I was in Maine. So sad. Right now, Seven Homes Thrift store on Hamilton/Lexington is GOOB and has all clothing marked at $1.00. Also the Market Sample Store, which is accessed through the Habitat for Humanity store on English is also closing on the 21rst and has a 50% off already low price sale going on. Both of these stores are in High Point. If you know of others, let me know and I will try to post them!

Let me tell you about my Montlieu Ave CVS. I LOVE this store. My favorite cashier in the whole world works there. I won't share her name 'cause I don't know if she would want me to but this lady totally "gets it." She understands me and my coupons and doesn't think that it's federal offense when I try to use them. (Unlike one checker at Walgreens who tries my patience EVERY time!!) She actually tips me off to great deals and reminds me if I forget to do something right. Case in point. I went in today to purchase 3 items. "Blink" eyedrops were on sale for $7.99, free after ECB, plus I had a dollar off coupon.  And Crest Toothpaste and floss were 99cents after ECB, but I had a 75 cent coupon for each. I walked in and scanned my CVS card, which immediately gave me a $5 off $15 ECB to use. With my 3 items, I would be at $14.98, so I decided to add some dollar spot cookies.  Then the first problem. The Blink eyedrops were not in stock. Nor could I find the other two items. So I asked wonder-women cashier, who had the Crest items up front. She called the manager for the eyedrops. He substituted the larger size (hnece a better deal for me)of the same brand AND generated the ECB for me! Then my sweet checker rang in the wrong TP by accident (also the larger size) So no ECB. She let me keep the larger size and immediately generated and ECB with an added $2.50 for my trouble. Bottom Line? They paid me $4.00 to walk out with $22.00 worth of stuff!! Told you they were awesome!!! And I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

Also went to Walgreens, where I paid $10.00 (after RR) for $40.00 worth of stuff. 75% is a great sale any day of the week.

Went to the bakery thrift store, picking up bread for 79 cents and hostess boxed muffins for $1.25. Nice treat.

And finally...someone you know getting married? Here's a link to a free 2 year subscription to a bridal magazine: I think I'll get it just for the coupons!!

Happy shopping!

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