Friday, August 27, 2010

Digital Albums

This is how we grow 'maters in the south. When I left Maine on August 4th, my brother's were knee high. Mine were this height, and my husband has trimmed them back twice. Love 'um. Read an article recently that said the acid/lycopene in them helps clear acne. Perhaps that explains why my forehead always clears up in the summer?

Going to a friend's house for lunch today. Some good Vietnamese cooking. (I can't wait ToKhanh). I must do some shopping on the way there. I'll try to let you in the deals I find.

I have posted a couple of codes for digital online photo albums and I want to talk about these for a few minutes. There are literally dozens of sites out there: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Picaboo, Kodak, not to mention all the major retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens and CVS. If you are new to digital cameras and uploading your photos onto the computer, just know that there can be quite a learning curve. I know every site claims to be "so easy an imbecile can do it" (well, maybe not in those terms...usually it's stated "upload a beautiful album in minutes"), but the bottom line is, it can be very frustrating. I suggest setting aside an entire afternoon or evening to learn the ropes, because the results are worth it. Here's why I think so:

Since this is still a relatively new phenomena, online (and other) businesses are offering really great deals. As with any other venue, this means lots of discounts if you are willing to shop around and not be "brand loyal." The first album I made was at CVS. My wonderful-coupon-savvy-cashier helped me and I was done fairly quickly. I was very happy with the book. It was the 6"X8" hardback version and holds 60 photos. They had a BOGO sale, so the price was two for $12.99...but I used another coupon and some ECB. Can't remember my total, but they were dirt cheap.

Then I moved on to Picaboo. Downloaded their free software and just finished an album for my mom. The prices start at $9.99 plus shipping. However, there are always codes, you just have to google "picaboo codes" or read my blog and I will try to let you know. Right now they are offering their classic or leather classic 8"X11" 20 page book free with code FREEBK until the end of August. This is normally $39.00. You pay only $8.99 for shipping. That may seem high, but I look at it like this. You can put 20+ pictures on one page. 20 pics X 20 pages equals 400 photos for less than 2/10th of a cent per picture, with your captions, in a hardback album. That is a really good deal!! You can sit in your living room in your jammies drinking coffee while you create your masterpiece and then have it delivered to your door. This is why I am hooked! Picaboo has another code-ALLYOU50- for 50% off their classic 20 page album through Sept 30th.

So, maybe before September is over, you can make your very own masterpiece and tell us about the results!


  1. I have been doing this for a year or so. Absolutely love it. I use shutterfly, love the free website/sharesite that you can have, too! Upload all in one place....and they do great photo books...have 2 so far and working on an album for my parents for their wedding pictures. They offer great deals....maybe not as good as you are getting :) but I love that I don't have to upload to several different places. Great blog!

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