Thursday, July 8, 2010

Volunteer work?? New codes

As you know, I am working as the camp nurse at Living Waters this week. Obviously for me, this has more perks than I can even write. I've been coming here for years. But I just talked with a high school friend who is also a nurse, came here as a camper, and now comes back as a volunteer. We both agreed that for us, not having to buy, prepare, plan or cook any meals for a whole week is a huge plus...on the "material" side of things anyway. And the whole family can come and enjoy what the camp has to offer. For me, listening to the great speakers and singers is a needed and uplifting experience every summer.

A few years ago I googled "camp nurse positions in NC" and found quite a list. Most camps actually pay you a stipend, along with room and board. This is certainly something to think about if you are looking for a way to have a quality vacation. I'm not saying it's all fun...obviously I have to be on call 24-7, and I spent 5 hours yesterday in an emergency room, but the perks are well worth it. We even have 2 nurses now, which makes the job much easier...and I think any nurse who has worked here will tell you that it beats a 12 hour hospital shift any day!

Your "volunteer work" doesn't have to be in nursing. Think outside the box and take a hard look at what God has given you for talents. Could you offer your services in exchange for a vacation on the side?

The greatest thing about volunteering your time? Just the knowledge that you are making a difference...quite possibly for do it even when there aren't any perks involved other than the knowledge that you are doing the right thing!!

Looking forward to picking blueberries and raspberries when we get back to our cabin next week. Little buggers are soooo expensive, and I get such satisfaction from picking them beside the roadside!!

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