Wednesday, July 14, 2010

good living...

Today had been one of those "good busy" days. I had dear friends Dale and Margaret Gallagher here at the cabin for lunch. I managed to make quite a salad from lettuce, beet, and spinach greens from my brother's garden...and a few radish on top. Amazing the difference in growing seasons.

After lunch the boys and I went down the road to pick blueberries. We got about a pint and then, for whatever reason the deer flies and copperheads ( a type of fly that hurts like a wasp) just got wicked we headed for the lake. Poor Lee then got "attacked" by 5 leeches...he has decided that maybe this isn't the lake where he should swim!!

Tonight I am visiting with a nephew and family. I have never met the wife and kids and I haven't seen Larry Dean for about 10 years. They are staying at the cabin while we are at mom's house. And I have a group of 12 renting for one night on Saturday. So I've been busy cleaning.

That has been the time for looking up deals, but I figure I saved about 3 bucks by picking the berries!

Happy Evening!

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