Saturday, July 3, 2010

Today we are celebrating Lee's birthday(our youngest-see photo), even though it isn't really until the 10th. Mike flies home Tuesday and today we will have Abby and Will with us. Yesterday we took him fishing. He will need a license after his birthday, but until then, it's free fishing for the kid. He caught 8: 3 Sunfish, 4 Yellow Perch and the whopper in the picture, a 12" brown trout from Duck Lake Stream. We only kept the big one and 2 Perch...and man, was that trout delish!! Best fish I've had in a long time. Memory of him realing it in...priceless. I gutted the first two while he watched. I made him do the last one. He gagged, but he did it! Also priceless:).

The next photo is of a sundial that has been there for years. It keeps incredibly accurate time...and it just wears its patina well. I run by it on my morning jog and it reminds me that every minute is a gift.

Winner of the $25.00 Brookstone giftcard is Mary Beth M. from Greensboro, NC. Congrats Mary Beth!! Email me your address and I'll send it from here. We actually added 15 to the subscriber list just yesterday; we are now at 170. Don't forget to verify the feedburn after you subscribe; you will get an email from them reminding you to do so. Only 30 to go next month and I will do the cookware set. Get a friend to sign up!

Made Lee's homemade cake yesterday and will decorate with stawberries my brother dropped off, along with a peck of peas. (Bonus kudos to anyone who can tell me-without googling it-how many pounds that is:) We'll have homemade pizza for his birhtday dinner. I'm also going to make pumpkin chip cookies as there are several cans of pumpkin in the pantry here and I'm trying to use the canned goods up this summer as some of them are getting old. code FREEDOM for 50% off. Not as good as some, but if you need it now, that will work. Ends 7/6.

Free Facebook Freebie, a Philosophy Cleasing Pad (I like this brand, but don't purchse it often). Click here: For those of you new to the blog, you have to have a facebook account to get facebook freebies. If you are not interested in "connecting," but want in on the deals, just set up an account using a separate email address. It will be worth it for you!

And finally, don't forget to check out Jenny's deals at for the 3 big drugstores: CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Just click on the icon you are interested in. She does an awesome job of putting it all together.

Have a great 4th Weekend!!

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  1. If I remember correctly form my childhood days of helping my grandmother in the garden, a peck is ten and a half pounds.
    I hope you guys are having a great summer. It sounds like my childhood back here in NC. Life was so simple back then.