Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ways to save money continued...

Not much news on the freebie side of things...

There is a new code at 70% off with code TASTY

Also, Ikea is having a kids eat free day on Saturday, so if you were planning to make a trip there, this would be a good time to do it!

Today I visited Kelly, my bestest girlfriend since kindergarten. She even made me a great roast beef sandwich and homemade salsa and she cut my hair for my birthday gift. I really needed that!! Thanks, Kel! I love coming to Maine every summer, but I do miss NC now. Maybe it's 'cause I can't get good sweet tea here...

I was reading my Mom's latest AARP bulletin. You can get lots of useful info in that little bugger!! They had a list of 99 ways to save money. Here a few of my faves:

Now that airlines are charging a fee for checked baggage, it may make sense to just send your belonging via UPS or Fed-Ex. When I flew to Maine (with just a carry on, of course), the man in front of me was checking one bag. For $25.00, it could only weigh 50lbs. It weighed 52 pounds. I watched him pay seventy something. WHAT!?? I wanted to knock him up side the head. There had to be something in that bag that he could have thrown away and bought new for less than the difference in price he was paying. Good heavens.

How about this? A 15 minute shower a day costs $310.00 a year, even with a low flow shower head. Yikes! That hurts, I like my loooooong showers but this may make me rethink.

Or this one: use Century Gothic font on your printer instead of default Arial and use a third less ink! Tell me that's not a huge gimmic.

Go to  or  and save up to 30% on the price of gift cards for stores where you shop every day.

At find free wireless hot spots all over the country.

Raise your homeowners insurance deductible from $500 to $1000 and save up to 15%. (Already did that one...but we raised ours to $2000.00)

My personal favorite on the list: Go barefoot more. Save on shoes...and build up great country girl calluses!


  1. funny true story about baggage..I watched a family with a huge suitcase and it was overweight and the lady asked is there something you can take out to put it under the weight requirement...they unzipped it and took out 2 big bunches of bananas...and it was under the was hilarious to see...I expected them to take out t shirts etc and no it was just never know what you are going to see..but they saved

  2. My shoes last forever! Maybe it is because I go barefoot so often. (Or maybe it is because I have so many that none of them wear out! A girl's gotta have at least one vice, right?)