Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Day in Bangor

The boys and I have had a great day getting deals...let me fill you in:

Huge bag of beef jerky: $3.99
5 packs of Nerds candy: 0.50
Large Palmolive: $1.49

2 Post cereals for $5, with a $1 UP reward
wallet photo of Abby for scholarship ap: 50 cents

Bed, Bath and Beyond:
clearanced heavy duty can opener :$5.99

Dollar Tree:
Too much to list but the highlights are: 6 greeting cards at 50 cents each, clearanced chips and snack cakes for 50 cents each, bunch of ace wraps for camp infirmiry, ibuprofen, Gatorade $38.00

Good Will:
Running shoes: $4.99
New cutting board: 99 cents
game for kids :$1.99

Salvation Army:
running shoes $5.99

Hannaford: rotisserrie chicken, salad and bread for dinner at my sisters (who is home from the hospital!)
10 something

Coffee Pot Cafe: shared sandwich and soda.. a belated birthday lunch for my other sister who I just happened to run into while she was on lunch break: 7 something

Growing Tree: (2nd hand store)
Coldwater Creek dress/jacket 50 cents
tank top and pants 50 cents each

Colagate FAR

So there you go. Not too shabby for someone who hasn't had a real shop day in over a month! I do have to stop on the way home and pick up a very few groceries at Wal Mart, but I'll be too tired to blog when I get home!

Happy Shopping!

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