Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maine red meat: Lobstah and Red Hotdogs

Here's an interesting Maine fact: Red Meat is defined a little differently than in the rest of the country. Forget steak...give us lobster and red hotdogs.  And only in Maine, thank you. I don't buy either one anywhere else but here. Most people like our lobster, which can be purchased from the roadside vendors here for about $5.99 a pound. The last time I checked in High Point, it was $14.99 #. That's the reason my little tightwad self buys only in Maine. Dipped in real butter, it is my most favorite decadent food.
Red dogs, on the other hand, are a love'em or hate'em food. They are best eaten on a "New England Frankfurt Roll." I can't even find these anywhere else but here. They are flat on the sides so they can be buttered and toasted. Red dogs have a covering that has a little "snap" when bitten, which totally whigs some folks out, but I love them. I know they are bad for me...maybe that's why I only eat them once a year. And here's the real "stupid tax" kicker: they're about the same price per pound as lobster!! Why would any tightwad buy them?? I have no rational answer.

Then there's my blueberry coffee and whoopie pies...some things are just better eaten in native terrain...


  1. I think you should make a list of "What to do/see/eat in Maine" and share it with all of us who have aspirations to one day visit the great state of Maine.

  2. Oh the list would be soooooooooo long says another Mainer.

  3. I most definately agree. There is nothing better that Maine Lobster and Maine red hotdogs. 2 things I must have everytime I go up there. One other thing I always get and make sure I have enough to bring home is funny bones. Can't get them here in IN

  4. Funny Bones and Devil Dogs....yummmm!