Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

What a great day of worship! Spent the morning in my little country church (see post from 2 weeks ago) and then took Abby back up to Living Waters. (We had to take Will back yesterday for an overnight Wilderness trip.) Got to spend some time with the Schiedes and the Pipers...and it really doesn't matter if you know who they are, here's why: we all have people in our lives that we just love to visit with, and for a thousand reasons, we just don't get to see them often. That's who these families are in my life...along with many others, but these were the people I saw today. (The picture was last summer; they haven't changed much.) You know the ones. They are the friends who endure the test of time. It doesn't matter if you only see them every 5 years, you pick up where you left off. And there are different levels of friendhip too. Kelly, my best friend since kindergarten, is on a whole different plane. I've heard it said that we all need a mentor in our lives, and we also need someone to mentor. These folks are mentors...the ones I look up to. I want to be like them when I grow up. Aren't you thankful for friendships that endure? Thank God today for the people in your lives...and tell them. Blogger friends--you're awesome!!

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