Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Returned home to some good freebies in my box...dove shampoo sample, eb5 wrinkle cream, coupon for free land-o-lakes and a rebate check for cat litter. So here's a few more for you:

Samples of Cottonelle wipes and TP here:

This is a facebook deal--5X7 Shutterfly photo book ($12.99 value, you pay $2.99 S&H) here:

Free sample of Hugo Men's fragrance:

Sample of dog treats from Three Dog Bakery here:

Please note for those of you with kids in diapers:  the trial size RiteAid Tugaboos with 2 diapers costs $1, and has a $1 coupon inside. The $1 coupon can be rolled to keep buying more of the trial size Tugaboos. (thanks refundcents)

I picked up lots of freebies at Walgreens today and out popped a register reward for a free pack of Always pads (for buying a U Kotex product--competition baby!!) Check out and click on the store you are interested in. Jenny will show you how to really rack up the deals. Also lots of items on clearance right now...check near the back of your store and look for orange tags. You can always use coupons with these to save even more!!

Also note that Walgreens has a current deal for Neutragena products. Buy 3 and get $10 in RR. The bar soap is $2.69, so it is free! Great deal.

Today a friend had me come over and look through a bunch of hand-me-downs. Very thoughtful of her and I really appreciate it!! Got two big bags of clothes for Will...and some jeans that were exactly like what he wanted. Thanks!! Love those clothes, and my kids think it's awesome too.

Tomorrow the kids and I go for our $5.00 teeth cleaning at GTCC...this is one of my favorite deals. Just love going there. Abby is also getting her haircut using the coupon I won at the church auction. I'll let you know how the day goes!

MMCC (Mom's Merkel Cell Carcinoma) update: Mom had her PET scan today and my sister said she did great. I talked to Mom this am and she still sounds very positive and upbeat. Can't wait to see her and the rest of the fam!


  1. Glad to hear that your mom is dealing with all of this well. When are you headed to Maine?

  2. I'm flying up the 10th...and love your new paint deal!!