Friday, June 4, 2010

Winner!! and my clean teeth we didn't make it to 200 subscribers....YET.  I'm at 138 right now (my husband keeps reminding me that some teachers and preachers don't have audiences this big:) I will keep the deal in place and we'll go for the free cookware set on July 2 if we make the 200 mark. For this month, the winner of $20.00  Barnes and Noble gift card is:

Anne Franco from Salem, Virginia
I'll send it out tomorrow.

The kids and I had our annual (I know, I know...)teeth cleaning at Guilford Tech (GTCC). I blogged about this last year, but it bears repeating for those of you who are new to the blog. Cleanings are only $5 and bite wing x-rays are $2. Sealants are $6/tooth, panaramics $5.  This is such an incredible deal!! I paid $29.00 for myself and 4 kids, which included 2 of the kids getting x-rays (they do them every other year). They give you the toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and this time a fancy new Reach flosser. We've been going since 1999. I was talking with the receptionist yesterday, who has been there as forever, and she said they do have quite a waiting list right now, but if you have the opportunity, check it out! They also serve 5 course meals in their cooking dept for about $7.00. Out local beauty college offers wonderful deals on everything from manicures to color. Look into what is available near you. This is one of my bigger cost savers. If I carried dental insurance,  one monthly amount would be more than I pay for all of us.

Abby is sporting her new shoulder length bob (free haircut from church auction...yes, I tipped her well!) She looks so cute. I'll try to post pics.

Today I walked to Krispy Kreme in the sweet magnolia scented southern air and got my free lemon creme...and boy was it good!! Also picked up two movies at Redbox for 2 bucks. I got the 1984 version of Karate Kid for the kiddos....wax on, wax off. I thought again about how very blessed my life is, despite my mom's diagnosis. God is good, all the time. Embrace life every day and remember to keep praising God regardless of what is going on in your life!!

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