Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home at last

Here's a photo of the resort where we spent the day...Lucaya Beach, Bahamas.

Today we left the ship and headed home. It has been an incredible trip and everyone was glad we did it…but also glad that it was only a two day cruise. It seems we are not really “tropics” type people. I’ll take a Maine lake any day; however, it’s something to cross off my bucket list and I wouldn’t rule out another someday.

I’m actually writing this as a Word document and will hopefully get home in time to send it out via internet. I tried to connect at a McCafe in St. Augustine, where we stopped for lunch and looked around a bit. The computer said I was connected, but it wouldn’t let me go to any other sites. I’m sure the problem was mine and not McDonalds. At least I will be able to say I blogged every day, even if I can’t actually post it. (I made it...it's 11:40 pm and I'm posting:)

Remember that lunch meat that I so diligently iced? Didn’t think about getting back through customs. Had I lied about it, I’m sure it would have gone through because no one checked my stuff, but my conscience wouldn’t let me do that. Do you know how tortuous it is for a tightwad to have to throw out food?? Especially knowing that we would then have to stop and buy something else.

So, we get to the customs station and the nice gentleman looks at my declaration paper and says, “You only bought $15.00 worth of stuff?” “Yea,” I say sheepishly, “I succumbed to the pressure of buying the touristy cruise photo.” He stared at me blankly. “Um, yes Sir, just $15.00.” Obviously, he was not impressed with my ability to say “No” to all those Bahamians trying to hock their wares. But then he rightly nailed me when he glibly replied, “Hey, you went on a cruise, you can’t be that cheap.” Touche.

How else do we save money travelling? In the past, I have been known to bring my crockpot and cans of soup or pasta. I leave it on low in the hotel (free with points) and come back in the PM to a nice meal all ready to eat. When we went to Florida a few years back, I purchased souvenirs on ebay and at yardsales for a fraction of the price, and doled them out at the beginning of the day, thus keeping the kids from getting the “I gotta have its.” Food and souvenirs can quickly end up costing you more than your “bargain” vacation. For me, it’s about seeing new places, not about the food. I know people who plan their whole trip around restaurants. That would not be me…but if it is you, buy an “Entertainment” book for the area to which you are going at http://www.entertainment.com/  and get your B1G1 coupons for the local spot.

Home at last...12 hour drive...back to normalcy tomorrow.

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