Monday, May 31, 2010

travelling continues....

So we arrived at destination # 2 at noon yesterday...and set sail at 5:30 pm last night, arriving in Freeport, Grand Bahamas this morning. We spent the day at Lucaya  Beach...which is everything that you would expect of a tropical resort. We just arrived back on the ship about 30 minutes ago. I can tell you that the kids were absolutely shocked and that was priceless!! Even when we pulled into the Port of Palm parking lot Will said, "No guys, she's just trying to psych us out."

So how does a tightwad afford a get a last minute deal on travel zoo and pay less for a family of 6 than it costs to go to Disney for a kidding. It's just a 2 night, 2 day cruise...and a long ride to get here, but it's worth it. I save money all year so I can do things like this. Last year we went to Quebec City and Montreal.

This trip: the food has been wonderful on the ship. And since it was Will and Mike's birthdays, we got a special dessert just for them. BUT they had a "special" at the resort today....$20 for a buffet. I was skeptical and didn't buy. We crossed the street and went to the market and had fried conch, black beans and fried plantains for a third of the price.

And right now--I'm paying 12 bucks for 30 minutes so that I can say I blogged EVERY day. Mike told me I should skip the day and tell you tightwad principal trumps the rule of  my self-made law...couldn't do it. So hope you enjoy this one especially since it's written from the ship!

Now I need to go find some ice for my cooler...see, I'm still keeping the lunch meat cool so we can have a picnic in a rest area on the way back to NC tomorrow!!


  1. How does internet on a ship work? Do they have secret cables under the ocean? Is it possible to be too connected?

  2. Satellite, Michelle....and it was veryyyyyy slow!!