Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weddings!! many have you been invited to this summer?? We're on 2 so far. I really do love weddings and the promises of new beginnings!! I just read this article about "wedding do's and don'ts." It should probably come as no surprise to you that I'm pretty high up on the "don't" list. I just want to know who makes the rules?? I mean, seriously, who decides what is proper to wear and how much we should spend?

A 2009 survey on the found that brides expect friends to spend $70 and family to spend $129. Really?? Eee gad!! I guess I just need to stay home. You know, when we were married, I just wanted people to come share the day. I rememeber reading at the time about some bride who was furious that she had spent $150.00 a plate on the guests' wedding reception dinner, only to have "people that I really didn't want to invite in the first place show up with a pathetic $100.00 gift card."  Do I have a totally skewed view on this, or is that just really wrong? Help me out here. If you don't want people to come, don't invite them. Accept gifts as just that--a GIFT, not an obligation. And don't even get me started on the $300-per-place-setting china that ends up never being used.

I know I have a lop-sided view of this, so I would really appreciate your thoughts and comments. I try to have a gift that is about a $50 value, which may mean I spend that much, or get a $100 gift on sale. I have gone higher and lower. I remember my mom telling of weddings back in the day where the guests showed up with quarts of homemade goodies and handmade quilts. I'd go for that!!

Your comments please....

No news on Mom today...CT scan went well, but we don't know results yet.


  1. Weddings are special and promises between two people who are in love and the friends and family are there to offer support and share in the momentous occasion. Gifts are not what make the day on way or the other, the bride and groom should be grateful the guests came to celebrate with them not grateful just because an astronomical amount of money was spent. People need to realize this is not what it's about and if they want this the invitation should say only come if you can and will bring an expensive gift.
    I definitely think that the wedding of two people in love is cause for celebration every day not just on wedding day. "All because two people fell in love..." this is the meaning of a wedding before God, friends, and family.

  2. i don't think you have a lopsided view at all! and i know miss manners would agree.

  3. I am the same way! $50 gifts that I typically find on sale as well! When we got married, I had a $4,000 budget and that included my dress, shoes, makeup, hair, my mom's dress, my sister's bridesmaids dresses, my dad and brother's tuxes, the food, the flowers, the favors, the decorations, gifts for the bridesmaids and helpers, the musicians, photography, etc. I can't fathom having to take out a loan to get married!