Sunday, May 9, 2010

To my mom....

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there, and especially to my mom, Nita Moores. She just celebrated her 88th birthday on March 15th. This picture of her and I was taken a few years ago in Maine. Mom was 46 when I, her 7th child (she lost one) was born; a simple fact not lost on me now that I am quickly approaching that age. Mom never had much in the way of worldly goods-she still doesn't, but she was/is always willing to share what she does have, whether it be a few sticks of wood with someone who is cold, a chair at the table where there is always enough food for one more, or a pair of homemade mittens for a newborn baby. She always has time for a walk in the woods, a big hug and cup of tea...and she always has time to talk. She loves to visit people and she still writes me a real letter every week. (I try to return the favor, but it usually sends up being every 2 weeks) She is perpetually prepared: a rubber band around her wrist, a safety pin (or several) pinned on her chest, and a hankie, coughdrop and rolaid in her pocket. Macgyver would have a hard time contending with this women! Mom loves her family, and she is our "glue," writing and calling to let each of us know what is going on with the rest of the clan. When we celebrated her 80th birthday, I honestly doubted if she would hit 90-- her only brother and parents died at much younger ages. Now I'm pretty sure we'll be planning a 90th in less than 2 years. She still lives alone for the half the year in her big old house in Springfield, but when the snow flies she moves in with my older sister (thank-you!!).  Our Maine cabin is 2 miles from her house, and we look forward when we are there to her early morning visits as she brings the paper and sometimes stays for tea and pancakes.

Mom, I love you. Thank you for teaching me about all the things I espouse in my blog: living a life of value through thriftiness and honoring God with your time and talents. Thanks for all you do for our family. Can't wait to see you!!

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