Saturday, May 22, 2010

SUPER CHEAP TP shipped to your door, TODAY only!!

Also here's deal for TODAY, Saturday only, so if you only read me on email, it will be too late (sorry, I just found out about it) Hot Toilet Paper deal at Staples! Marcal TP 24-roll pack on sale for $2.99 free shipping to your local Staples, $9.95 to ship to home, Or purchase 5+ and get free shipping = $14.95 for 5 (120 rolls total).

 Summary of the Marcal deal: 

Go to Staples
Click on "Deal-A-Day" banner which shows the tp
Click the 'order now' button
Add the item to your cart
On the top of the screen click "order by item #"
Enter 593805-vp
Go to the cart and adjust quantities to 1.
If you purchase 5, the coupon code will give you five $8 discounts, making 120 rolls of TP $15.84. You will also have free delivery to your home. I did this (using some Staples Rewards) and got five 24 packs for less than 8 bucks...and ordered it to go to be shipped to Maine (for free!), so I won't have to buy any TP while I am there for the next 10 summers!!

Today was a good shop day! I started out going to yardsales with my son Will. He was pretty happy because he found a Star Wars Video game for his computer for a buck and a Geico Gecko gym bag for 50 cents...the little green guy happens to be a fave of his right now. I found The Joy of Cooking, which I've been looking for forever, 2 nice summer purses for a dollar each and a huge bag of graduation decorations for next year!! Also got a vintage Lionel sign for my FIL for Father's Day (don't tell him!!).

Then on to a huge grocery shop. 5 stores: Clover Leaf, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter and Aldi. I spent $130.00-- last week I only spent $40.00. And my plan is to do no more big shops (only milk/eggs/bread) until I go to Maine on June 20th. Once school ends, I try to eat up everything we have in the house. It's a good plan because once a year, we clean it all out, esp the freezer. It does, however, lead to some interesting meals. We're also eating lettuce, radish and beet greens from the garden. Good deals this week were large eggs@ Aldi for 89cents, and ground beef for $1.29# ( I bought about 16#s), and baked beans and pancake syrup for a buck at CL. Nice stock pile right now.

Just an update on the subscriber front...I misread my stats a few days ago, I'm actually at 85 subscribers and 41 followers, making my total 126. If you have signed up as a subscriber, make sure you verify the subscription when you get an email in your inbox from feedburner, otherwise you don't show up on my "activated" list and you don't get the daily emails. We need to get 74 more by June 4. (that's the day the cookware will be on don't expect me to pay full price do you??) So keep inviting folks to join!!

A great deal at Home Depot right now on flowers if you are looking to plant annuals: 6 packs of marigolds, impatiens and petunias are only 99cents!

Stop by Au Bon Pain May 25th for a free medium iced coffee! This is available from 2-8 pm.  Make sure to call your location to see if they are participating. I couldn't find any of these stores in NC...seems to be more of a Northeastern thing for my blogger buds up there.

Free seven day supply of Nature Made Omega 3 Fish Oil. Click here: 

It's been a productive Saturday for Tricia! Now, off to shower and relax with a good book!

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