Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday!

Did you have a nice weekend? I sure did. My husband made breakfast for me on Mother's Day and the kids made lunch. (Thanks guys!) We actually went out to eat on Saturday night (my choice) with a B1G1 coupon of course. We ate at Bert's Seafood in Greensboro. Apparently they have been voted "Best Seafood" in the Triad for 20 years running. I concur....they cook it like they do up north!! None of this "calabash style" stuff. Delicious. I may go back again when I get another coupon!!

There is a new code for , 80% off with code ENJOY. Get those $25 coupons for 2 bucks!

Purchase just one of 7 listed products at Rite-Aid and send for a free water resistant beach tote from Real Simple Magazine. You do not have to be a subscriber. Go to for details.

Lots of freebies at the big 3 drugstores this sure to check them all out at

Click here for a sample of free shampoo:

I never did get to the berry field Saturday, but I hope to go this afternoon. It's nice to have time to look at the sale flyers and actually plan a shop this week!

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