Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, I just read that the average woman spends 400 hours--that's 17 days---a year, shopping. That averages 3 years of her life!! Good Heavens! No wonder they drive men nuts. I'm closer to 100 hours a year, if you don't count yard-saling...ha! Still, that's an awful lot of waking hours. I don't like to shop; I do like to get a good deal.

I'm going to try to swing by HT on the last night of triples on my way to pick up the boys from scouts. I'm using all the printable coupons because by now any for products that came in the Sunday Supplement are long used up. I'll let you know how it goes.

If I recall correctly, Saturday is the post offcie food drive. I always try to leave a bag out for this.

Here's a coupon you don't see often...$2.00 off at Murphy's gas (that's Wal-Mart) click here:

Here's a chance to get a basket of free goodies from SC Johnson,  only for the first 6000. You don't know if you get it or not, it just shows up. I have received these before, very good deals. Click here:

And finally get 3 free pampers cruisers form vocal point if you are a member. Click here:

Happy Shopping!


  1. What about the time you spend shopping for groceries? I'd bet you spend more than 10 hours a month shopping. That's only 2.5 a week. Less than half an hour a day.

    It would be interesting to keep a log for a couple weeks.

    (Yes, you'd go over 2.5 hours a week just in yardsales!)


  2. Trish, a couple weeks ago someone asked about a boyscout book I picked up. Do you know who it was? I could give you the book at church and you could pass it along.


  3. I'm definitely around 100 myself, too. About 1.5 hours per week grocery shopping = 78 hours/year and maybe 2 hours/month on other shopping. I guess Christmas and birthdays would throw that off a bit, but not much, since I try to make a lot of gifts. Wow, I can't imagine shopping 4 times more than I already do. I'm glad I use the time for other things.

  4. Bill..yea, 1.5 hours grocery shopping. I rarely shop for anything else. But yardsales def. throw me off!! I can't imagine spending more time either, Erin. I HATE shopping!!