Saturday, May 15, 2010

Today is "Good Neighbor Day."

An excerpt from my 11-year-old's journal:

9/28/09 Today is "Good Neighbor Day." Make a list of everthing you can do to be a good neighbor.

1. Help pick up books when someone falls.
2. Push in chairs.
3. Say please.
4. Say thank-you.
5. Pick up a pencil if someone drops one.
6. Don't go around swinging your machete.
7. Play with your neighbors.
8. Be more friendly.
9. Go outside the box.
10. Help people study.
11. Feed the cats when Abby isn't around.
12. Set the table.
13. Obey my elders.
14. Do my best.
15. Be courteous.
16. Have good manners.
17. Listen.
18. Do my chores good.
19. Help clean the fish bowl.
20. Tithe.

You may think that number 6 is there just for comic relief, but you would be mistaken. Lee does have a machete, and #6 is Mom verbatim.

I'm thinking that if we all lived by this list, the world would be a pretty happy place....esp. if we all quit swinging our machetes!!! Out of the mouths of babes...

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