Saturday, May 29, 2010

And we are off...

I'll give you a hint...we are leaving now about 7 in the morning. We are going further south....that's all you get!

It rained last night, so the garden got a good soaking. The lettuce is getting bitter; we will pull it when we get back and plant some more green beans. I've had my beet greens by the bowl full...lots of vinigar and salt. One of my favorite treats!

I'm wondering if I can convince Mike to stop at yard sales today? Think it would go over big if I told him that was the surprise??? (No.) Sunday is his 47th birthday and Will's 15th birthday. My big boys!!

Ikea is offering another free breakfast May 29-31. It includes a small breakfast and a small coffee. Maybe I can work this into the weekend somehow...if I can figure out if there's an Ikea...

Have a great just got up, we're starting off a bit cranky!!

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  1. There's an IKEA in Charlotte and one in ATL, those are the only ones I know about. And both of those places are technically south of the Triad.