Sunday, May 16, 2010

The power of paying it forward...

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The Golden Rule.

Mike read an article recently about some "scientific study" that proports to prove that when we do something good for someone, that person tends to then not only do good in return, but do three-fold what was done to him...and the study concludes that this is good for the human pysche. Amazing. I love it when science "proves" the Bible is right. This one struck me as humorous in the fact that someone felt the need to do a study on something so obvious. I mean, do we really need a scientist to tell us that doing good for others is good for us as well? Oh my.

So anyway...last week a friend of ours paid for our berries at the berry farm...and I gave some to my neighbor...who gave me a recipe for a berry pie that someone had given her...and tomorrow I'm going to make that pie to give someone else.

This week, bless somebody. It doesn't take much is our cynical culture. I was so blessed today just folding clothes and making lunch. I was looking at all I have and all I take for granted and I started counting my blessings. I have NOTHING to complain about. And this week, I'm going to bless others....join me???


  1. Took my oldest son with me to garage sales this Saturday. I only picked up a couple things. At our last stop, a church was having a silent auction and a garage sale. It was the very end of the sale so everything was marked way down. My son got a full wet suit for $2. He then bid on a Zune HD music player still in the original package. He bid $80 which I thought was pretty high but figured it is better for him to get the device at a yard sale than new off the shelf. He won the Zune. I suggested that he not open the package right away and instead check the price on E-bay. He found out that unopened model he has sell for $150. And the wet suit sells for $50 to $100. He's thinking of selling both now. I was shocked. It'll be interesting to see if he gets up more often to go with now. - Bill

  2. I LOVE it when our kids catch the vision!! Let us know what he gets for then on ebay!!