Sunday, May 30, 2010

tightwad travels....

So what  do tightwads like me do when we travel...

After eating breakfast at home, we headed out at 7:30am. Mike and the kids still had no idea where we were going. We went south. Around noon, we stopped for a picnic lunch at a rest area. Egg salad, chips, fruit and granola. I brought 4 12 packs of coke product, purchased for $2.50 each at Walgreens. We stop in the afternoon at Jekyll Island....just because it looked like the closest ocean to 95. We stay a half hour. At 5:30 pm we stop for supper. We all share 5 dollar foot longs and have my cheap soda and chips. I send the kids into Publix (grocery store) with 5 bucks and tell them to pick up some cookies. Abby came out very excitedly saying, "Mom, they were one package for $2 or two packages for $3. We saved a buck!! See, you taught me well!!" So, Publix brand oreos for dessert. We arrive at 8:45pm. (One mile off 95). I'll give a prize to whoever correctly guesses where we are!

And get some of you know, I use a credit card that gives points to use for free travel rewards--like hotel rooms. When I called to book a room, I was expecting to have to book 2 rooms because there are 6 of us. The lady told me she could give me a 2 room suite for 6 and I'd only have to use the points for one room! Sweet! But it gets better. We arrived last night and I was told they had overbooked their 2 rooms suites. I was ready to cry until she told me she was giving me 2 seperate rooms and wouldn't charge anymore points!!! Very nice hotel!!

A huge hot free breakfast this am....and we have to be to our 2nd destination at noon today....after I fill up my travel coffee mug of course.

Happy Birthday to Mike and Will!!!

More later...


  1. I'd bet Titusville, maybe Cocoa depending on the traffic. You didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express cause they usually don't have two room suites. That's one of my hotels of choice for the same reason - points. Marriot? Now you got me wondering where you are going. You said you have to be there by noon... Timeshare presentation? Just SAY NO! Done this several times - don't ask any questions and say no, no, no. If you want a timeshare, buy them "used" for pennys on the dollar. (I doubt you would buy one since you know there are cheaper ways to travel.) Lots of places you could get in 3 to 4 hours drive from Cocoa. All the Orlando parks, South Florida Beaches, Space Center, .... and more. Have you ever looked on e-bay and bought someone else's timeshare week they could not use? You can get a week on the beach in a two bedroom unit for $300. -Bill

  2. Definitely in Florida. I'm thinking the oppostie side of Titusville, based on how long it's taken to get there. We have family in Tutusville. Tamps maybe--doing Busch Gardens? or even further south in Florida. Where ever you are, have fun! You deserve it. How neat to also show us how to travel affordably!!! Kudos to you.
    I'm also praying daily for your mom!!! Thinking of you~