Wednesday, May 12, 2010

lazy days...confessions...

What is it about having a few days off after working several days in a row? I can't seem to get motivated to do too much at all!! The whole time I'm working, I'm thinking, "Oh, I'll do that on my day off....I'll dust that, paint that, cook that, clean that, write that letter....etc." Then the day off comes and all I want to do is take a lazy walk and sit on the couch reading a book. But, I have accomplished a little over the past few days: laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, dog bathed (HATE that chore!), got in a good run, made cupcakes, rice crispie squares and homemade granola, visited a friend and made several needed phone calls. I have been checking out the sale ads so I can get a good shop in this week. Today I'm expecting the heating/cooling guy to show up for a service call. All is not lost!

This has made me think about what motivates me. I would rather spend more time at home figuring out ways to save money than working to make more money in order to have more stuff. I have also always tended to work better and faster under pressure. My husband will get all his work done, then relax. I, on the other hand, will relax and then get my work done!! What about you? What is your motivation? Are you the morning person or do you work late into the night? Just wondering...


  1. Jodi and Madison DixonMay 12, 2010 at 5:52 PM

    Hey Trish!! Jodi and Madison say your not motivated, but you sure get a lot done! Our favorite time is the morning, right after a workout...we are pumped and ready to get the work done! (However, work really gets in the way of my social life.) We're home bodies too :)

  2. I tend to do the chores I least like first thing in the morning. I tend to get some of my best creative office work done late in the evening. The only problem with that is that it is done off the clock. School work is the same so I can't complain too much. I'm definitely stronger and more focused under pressure. -Bill

  3. WHY are YOU washing the dog? How many children do you have? Certainly enough to wash a dog! -B

  4. If I don't get things done first thing in the morning, they are unlikely to get done. Which is challenging since I leave for work/school at 7:20 am. I get more done between 6 AM and 7:20 AM than many people get done all day. I am most motivated by knowing that when I come home at the end of the workday, dinner will be ready in the crockpot, the kitchen will be clean, the laundry will be dry on the line, etc. And I'm definitely a "light at the end of the tunnel" kind of gal, so I make use of waiting time. My favorite is waiting for the tea kettle to boil. I don't want to clean/pay bills/whatever, so I give myself a time limit - just do as much as I can between the time I put the kettle on until it whistles. I'm always surprised at how much I can get done, and that probably would have been wasted time otherwise. Then I can sit and enjoy my tea or coffee with a sense of accomplishment.