Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mosquito Island Lessons

The island that we camp on is maybe an eighth of a mile long and about 100' across at its widest. When we arrived yesterday, another couple from Connecticut had staked claim on one end. They said they had more family coming the next day, but since we were only staying one night, it all worked out fine. Since we were going to be sharing the the primitive facilities (outhouse with no sides, i.e. a hole in the ground), I decided a short chat was in order. Come to find out, they stay for two weeks on this island every summer. (Hats off to ' night is good for me!) But here's the interesting thing: they have stayed at campsites all over New England and they prefer these sites in remote Maine because there's no fee. Essentially, they have a "free" vacation. These folks were pros, let me tell you. She had a "kitchen" that rivaled the one in my cabin. He likes to fish; she likes to read. They call it "our mental health getaway." They both have boats and go to shore often. It works for them. And lying there staring up at the big moon and listening to the loons, who could argue with the free digs? I, however, was glad to get a shower today.

This made me think about the possibilities of free vacationing with a tent. I know this is far from ideal for some folks, but if your goal is to see the country, this is a great way to do it. Mike and I bought a 6 man tent the year we got married, and it's still going strong. In fact, when we moved to NC the first time in '94, we stayed in that tent at the Oak Hollow Campground because our apartment wasn't ready and we didn't know anyone. Abby was 9 months old! I've purchased all our sleeping bags at yard sales for no more than $5.00--most were $2 or $3. Other misc items came from yardsales also. We don't camp often, but I do enjoy it in moderation.

Any nightmare camping stories you care to share?? We have a few...

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