Monday, June 7, 2010

Tell me your Father's Day gift contest.

What's a Monday to hold?? Lunch with my 89 year old cousin who still works 6 days a week (the man is truly an inspiration)...a visit with "my Marine" (the one I wrote the book about) and his wife, a 1.5 mile run with (actually behind) the cross country kids and lots of paperwork stuff (that never ends).

I'm working my vocational job tomorrow and Wednesday...not a lot of time to shop!

Not too many freebies to report right now. There is a $10 off $10 purchase at JC Penney with the code DADROCKS. If you look in the clearance section, you may be able to snag a good deal. Many are reporting $10 off JC Penney coupons coming in the mail also...haven't got one yet.

Tell me what creative things you are planning for Father's Day?? I found a wonderful vintage Lionel sign for Mike's dad, who happens to be a train man. And I'll give him a copy of my new book. (Now there's an idea for you!!) I have a hard time figuring out gifts for Dad. He usually gets the average on-sale polo shirt. I always gave my Dad a book or something for his garden. Not very exciting.

So here's an incentive for you: for everyone who posts an idea--and it can be anything, not just "gifts" but what you do with your dad-- I will enter you in a drawing for my new book, Twice a Soldier. You have until Wednesday at 8pm to leave a comment or send me an email. I need inspiration!!!


  1. My Dad just bought a "new" truck in Texas while he was visiting my sister. It has a big hole in the driver's side seat, so my brother, sister and I are going in together to get him some really high quality seat covers. He is a hard person to buy for, so we are really pleased this year to actually find something that he needs.


  2. I picture of your children's hands - black and white - matted and framed is a great picture for dad or even their bare feet.

    I'm big into pictures so if you dig through your photos and find pictures of dad with each one of the kids when they were younger - Walmart sells matts and frames that fit four pictures (again black and white) and give to dad, even the kids will like this. Scrapbook pictures of the kids doing things with their dad or go to one of the those pictures sites and have them make a book for dad with those pictures if scrapbooking scares you. Also, going to a trophy store and purchase a large trophy and presenting dad (like at a sports bangquet) with a best dad of the year (decade, life, whatever the occasion). So ideas that are fun and that dads really like. These celebrations aren't really about presents as much as they are about showing your love. TTYL. Gabe

  3. Last year we all went in together to buy my dad a digital camera...he was still using a 35mm. Then we had to teach him to use it as he's a little technology-challenged! :-)

  4. When my kids were 3, 5, 6, we took a mat opening with three 4x6 slots and put a picture of each kid playing minature golf with their dad inthe slots. Then, we took primary colors of red, blue, and green--one for each child and wrote the words I love You Daddy spelling each letter with the child's thumbprints.

    This year,(which is still a surprise!!!!) I had a canvas done of what my husband has teemed his "peaceful picture" through From Art to Zebras art studio in High Point. The owner, Michelle Lyman, does custom work. The picture was taken from a balcony of Biltmore Mansion in Asheville with a cell phone. She has created a 16x20 watercolored canvas effect for us. I hope he'll be excited.

    For my father-in-law, she took another print and created a canvas of his hands holding a bible that was his mother's. You can read the scriptures and all her marginal notes. It's stunning!

  5. OK so here are my fathers day gift ideas so far: my dad is at that age where he struggles with remembering. I read that the game TETRIS helps improve memory, and he likes to play solitaire on his laptop so I am getting him tetris for his laptop. Also,we are related to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, so I am getting him a book about those men. Since Tim leaves for NYC tomorrow am and Jordan will be in the Dominican Republic for father's day, we already gave Dave his gift while all three kids were home. He always says his favorite room in our house is the back patio. we found a great two person hammock at Sam's Club for under $200 and he loves it. Still up in the air about Dave's dad's gift.

    Not sure if any of those help you, but at least now I can be entered into the drawing for your book! :)
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  6. Today was my grampy's birthday, it is very difficult to find something for the man who has everything and then turn around 10 days later and get another gift! Tonight all of us kids went up and saw him. Adrienne made carrot cake cupcakes (his favorite cake) and a gift cert to a local seafood restaurant. I got him a 2+ pound lobster and some steamers. Mom got him a gift cert to Johnny's Seeds and a trug to lug his harvests, Will got him a book on Louis Sockalexis and Em got him a gift cert. He thanked us all for the gifts but said the best part was us all taking time out of our busy lives to be all together and honor him. For Father's Day we are planning to take him and my dad to a Sea Dogs game (local minor league baseball) with all the kids. At $8 a ticket, can't get a better deal on spending time together and being outside, plus honoring the great men in our lives. It's not the price but the thought that matters, and we never forget them!

  7. Coupon books are a favorite gift here for Daddy. Coupons for a back rub, a car wash, a car vacuum, a favorite meal, a special dessert, mowing the lawn, and any other chores that we can take off of him for a day.

  8. My kids wanted to make handmade cards and Dad's favorite pie - cherry! I think I'll let them make the whole thing - even if it turns out to be less than beautiful! Dad will still love it!

  9. Our favorite Father's Day gift for Mike is an annual zoo membership. He love animals and it makes for fun days outside along with picnics each visit. We have even "adopted" a pet in his name before.

    Thanks, enjoying the blog ...

  10. What great ideas...I'm so glad I asked!!Thanks to all who entered!

  11. One of my more creative gift ideas is so what I call an appreciation cup , or can or jar. You take little pieces of paper and write all the things you can think of that you appreciate about them or that you like about them or a special memory . They can pull one out any time they feel like a compliment or a happy memory with you. My parents enjoyed theirs. Kelly C