Monday, June 28, 2010

From the hospital...

Sitting here next to my mom. She came through surgery just fine. She talked from the time I picked her up this morning until she went into the OR, and she hasn't stopped talking since she came out. She's had very little pain--I had to convince her to take a couple of Tylenol before she went to bed. So overall, I'd say it went well. Had the chance to see more "old friends," the kind I talked about on yesterday's post. (Thanks, Pastor Waite) And she's had lots of other visitors. This hospital is where I trained as a nursing assistant way back when...small towns:).

No time for shopping in "real stores," but I did order a great pair of rubber boots on ebay (for Abby to use at camp). Even had a 20% off ebay code that was good just for the weekend. It was from an individulized email they sent, or I would have shared it with you.  I'm about dying to get to Mardens...only true Maine tightwads understand the compulsion. I'll let you know the deals when I finally get there.

Blessings to all...

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  1. Mardens is such a fun place! I remember coming out of it once with a big bag of stuff and having only spent about $5. One other great time they had Spiegel clothing 3 for $10!! Most of the stuff was labeled around $90!! Fun store! I'm actually hoping to get to the one in Brewer within the next couple of weeks. :)