Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Little People

Have you read Francis Scaheffer's book No Little People? Our Pastor talked today about there being no small people in the Kingdom of God. How all of us have our place in the grand scheme of things and how God often uses us most in our weakest moments and not in our strongest.

I remember reading a true story once (and I can't remember it exactly, or even where I read it) about an eldery lady who had never been married and really had no family at all. She was stricken with a disease that hideously disfigured her and left her in a nursing home facility that was understaffed and poorly run. She had never had much  financially, but was a Christian and had been a regular, unassuming church attender.

The story was written from the Pastor's point of view as he started --begrudgingly at first--visiting this lady. The woman couldn't see or hear well at all and was in a great deal of pain, but she never talked about it. She would ask the Pastor to tell her about all the other prayer requests of her fellow parishioners (who never came to visit) and then she would tell him about all the things she had to praise God for in her little urine- scented room. The Pastor was so impressed by this woman that he began to sincerely look forward to his visits with her.  He considered her his most faithful prayer warrior.

I don't remember the end of the story...that was not what stuck with me. Once again, I was reminded that attitude is 90% of the battle and that life is truly what we make it. I can't wait to see that lady in heaven. No little people indeed.

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