Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just a Saturday...

Happy Saturday! Went to a few yardsales, but didn't find too much today. I did get some nursing uniforms for 50 cents and some summer Ts for me...and a calculator for Lee and 2 belts and a blood pressure cuff for a dollar. OK, now that I'm writing it all out, it seems I did have a better day than I than I thought.

Had to pull all the lettuces and beets (I'm eating a big bowl full of greens even as we speak) today and Mike planted the second 2 rows of green beans. We had our first beans 2 nights ago, so tender and flavorful. Lots of tomatoes on the vines, hopefully a few will ripen before we head to Maine. I just LOVE my garden.

For you Hannaford shoppers, it is definitely worth it to sign up for their emails. I just printed off a coupon for a free box of sandwich bags, which I will redeem shortly. They have weekly deals for email subscribers.

Got my free Revlon lipstick from Walgreens in the mail today...that was for that "tell us your goals" contest. I'd forgotten all about it, nice surprise. Also got a RA rebate check and a letter from my Mom (that's the best thing that came!)

I've spent the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning out closets, a job I actually don't mind doing. I think clothes reproduce in there!!

Going to the dollar theater tonight, not sure which movie yet. Last night Mike and I watched Extraordinary Measures with Harrison Ford. Great movie based on a true story.  Gave myself a manicure and it's looking like it's time for a color soon. What do you do at home to save money on your-little-ol-self and family?? As in, Mike cuts the boys hair, etc. Any great facial recipes to share?


  1. I love baby beets but I have never thought of eating the beet greens like salad. My mom used to cook them but they sound better raw.I will have to try that.
    Sorry if you have already answered this but what do you do about your garden while you are in Maine?
    Glad your mom is doing well. We are still praying for her.

  2. Actually, I cook them and eat them raw. Good both ways!! The garden is cared for and eaten by the neighbors when we are in Maine. Very sad for me...good for them:)

  3. I have a recipe for a basic facial mask that my girls got from the soap lady's demonstration last summer at the Jamestown Library.

    1 cup rolled oats, ground
    mix with 1 tbsp. honey, and 1 medium ripe peach. This will make 2 treatments. You can store in frig. for up to 2 days, or use immediately.

    ***If you have normal skin (she suggests) the above recipe.

    ***For oily skin only: use ground oats mixed with warm water to make a paste and spread, and let dry. Then rinse and pat dry.

    ***Fro dry skin, mis ground oats with enough warm cream to form paste, spread onto clean face, let dry, rinse, and pat dry.