Saturday, June 12, 2010

Officially missed a day...

You're going to have to excuse the fact that I missed a day...when you are in the middle of nowhere Maine, sometimes there's just no other option!! Today I am at the parsonage of my home church...thanks Bruce and Debbie!

I have spent the day cleaning and clipping and dusting and scrubbing at the cabin. Entropy. It is so good to be here though. I had my cup of blueberry flavored coffee on the deck and listened to the crickets.

Mom's visit at the doctor went as well as can be expected. According to the PET scan, it appears that the cancer is contained in one or two lymph nodes, which is certainly a blessing. Mom still has to decide what to do: surgery, radiation, a combination of the two or nothing at all. A hard decision for anyone to make, so prayers are appreciated.

Since I don't have the resources to tell you about any frugal deals today, here's an email from my cousin about her great deal...inspiration: ok so i have you tell you of this great deal i just got, you'll be so proud! I was ordering online at fashion bug and they had a promotion of $15 off $50 spent, but some of my items were sale items so it wasn't going through, so i called the customer service line and she told me it was because it was for only regularly priced items, and i was like, awww, ok. then i was like, well do you have any other deals, and she said, hold on, ok, here's a code for 30% off!!!! so i ended up saving $20 instead of $15!! I was so proud of myself. AND if you ship it to a local store instead of your house.....FREE shipping. bada bing bada boom. I am no where near as frugal and bargaining as you, but this is good for me! PS, hope the appt went well yesterday, am praying for you guys, ttys!

Happy Saturday!!

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