Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seriously wondering...

My blogger you know, I missed another day and I am now seriously wondering if I will be able to keep up the daily commitment this summer. I am, however, finally connected to the web here in Maine, so that's a big help, but it has been a whirlwind these last 4 days.

Mom had appointments in Lincoln/Bangor every day. She has opted to have surgery to remove the affected lymph nodes (under her left arm) and not have radiation. She will have surgery in Lincoln on Monday at 1 pm, so appreciate any thoughts and prayers you could send our way. She should only have to stay in overnight.

Tonight I drove to Danforth to talk about basic health/hygiene with the staff/counselors at Living Waters For those of you not familiar with Maine, let me clue you in on the "remoteness" aspect. LW is a 45 minute drive from our cabin. I left at 6:15 pm...I saw exactly 4 cars on the way. No moose though, so that was a good thing on a foggy night. I picked up Abby and Will and we are going to try to have our annual family camping trip on Mosquito Island (aptly named) over the next few days, if the weather clears up. This is when we set goals as a family. It's nice to have traditions...this is one of ours.

Saving money gets a little more difficult up here as far as shopping goes. When you have to drive for an hour to get to any decent size stores, you tend to eat up your savings in gas. But, on the other hand, I just don't spend as much because I don't go as much. Mainers are thrifty by nature and tend not to buy as much just to "keep up with the Jones" ...but the Jones' don't have so much either:). It's not uncommon to see a family living in the new basement of a home while for a year or two while they save the money to build the actual house on top. It's just a different world.

I haven't seen man freebies posted in the little time I've had to look. I will try to get back on track long as I'm not on Mosquito Island.

Here's to traditions...what are some of yours??

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  1. It IS hard to post every single day, but I have a friend who is committed to do a post every day for a whole year, like you are. What she has done is designate one day as "Wordless Wednesday" and she posts a cool or meaningful photo that she finds online.

    BTW I am right up the road from you in Summerfield (north Guilford co.).