Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OK...what do all think? Should we buy this house??? We looked at it yesterday and it is a beauty. 1100 North Main, High Point. The Sherrod House. This bugger is HUGE...8000+ square feet. Can we afford this house? Absolutely not...Dave Ramsey would hang us by our ears. Crazy coffee shop and bed & breakfast dreams. No, we won't be buying it, but it reminded me that it is fun to dream and to try to figure out exactly what God has us here to do. I am convinced that the majority of mankind never really accomplish what they were created for...for many, many reasons. What is the dream that you no longer pursue? Why?

Yesterday we had fresh green beans and a bunch of new cucumbers from the just doesn't get any better than that!! The bad thing is that right about the time the garden really goes crazy, we go to Maine!! I guess we really can't have it all.

I'm flying out at 5 am to go to mom doesn't know I'm coming. We have a family meeting with the oncologist (cancer doc) on Friday I'll keep you posted. I fly home Monday and we all drive up on the 20th. Mom called me yesterday. She said she feels great and had just washed all the windows upstairs in her house. Guess I'm a slacker.


  1. If there is ever a summer that you'd just like to stay here and have fun with the garden, I'll be glad to go to Maine for you!! It's one of my life goals to visit Maine in the summer, so you could just think of it as helping out a friend.

  2. I hope everything goes well with the cancer doc tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

    I have certain properties that I drive by and dream about regularly. Without some start-up capital, my dream is just that, but one day, I would love to open up a fiber artists' co-op. Quilters, knitters, crocheters, seamstresses - I'd love to have a storefront for them to display and sell their products and services, but also classroom space for them to share their craft with others or have meetings, etc. In an ideal world, this property would be big enough to hold small overnight retreats as well.

    In the meantime, I just keep stitching away on my own little projects...

  3. praying for your flight, safe travels, and a great time with your mom and sister, as well as wisdom and discernment at the oncology appt. God Bless!

    A dream I'm no loinger pursuing, I always wanted to be a surgeon. The whys....oh so many...mainly having kids at a young age, but had I waited health reasons would have kept me barren. So, I am thankful for them. Instead of going back now, I look at the schedule and hours that would be required, and have decided that my children are only here for a short time, and I would rather invest in them. :)

  4. Hey sweet lady!

    I received my gift cards today - yowee zowee! Thanks so much.

    I hope Maine is just gorgeous and I apologize for being so out of touch, but who is having an oncology appt.? I will keep them in my prayers.

    Miss you!

  5. Right on, Carla!'s my mom. I'll be updating regularly. Oh...and you can come to Maine anytime!!