Monday, June 21, 2010

From the Lincoln library....

So, I should have internet and phone service hooked up in our cabin on Wednesday, until then, I am having to rely on other computers. Today, I brought my mom to Lincoln for an echocaridiogram (everything looks good!), so I dropped the two youngest boys off at the library in Lincoln and told them they could explore there and in the "downtown" region. I just love libraries! Just got a card here so we can get movies and books for the month. I'll gladly pay the $15.00.

Mike is busy doing everything he does at the cabin. Mowing, weeding, cleaning, painting. Winters are tough up here, and it shows.

This morning was pure bliss...blueberry coffee on the deck, a clear blue sky, and the smell of my wild rugosa roses wafting up to the deck. Have you ever smelled them? I think they are what roses are supposed to smell like.

Just picked up my free Motrin at Rite never stop. Now off to Mardens, a great Maine store (think Big Lots)...I'll let you know the deals I find...

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