Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Mardens and Beyond...

So, my Mom was released from the hospital today around 12, but right before I took her out, I made the long-awaited trip to Mardens. Now granted, I didn't get to dig around as long as I'd like, but I did find the high top Converse my kids are totally into for $14.99.  And I also ran into my cousin Lorna, which was probably more dangerous than shopping because I didn't want to stop talking....(thanks, cuz!). So, I will go back.

Remember the bunk beds I just ordered? Wouldn't ya know, I get to Maine and my brother Jerry, who recently bought a fixer-upper, had two almost-indentical sets that he was willing to give us, mattresses and all. I cancelled part of the order and we got the beds today. By the time we are done, this cabin will sleep some where close to 25 people, no joke!! My sister-in-law Judy (fellow Mardens lover) also gave me a bag of hand-me-downs, which between Abby and I will be well utilized. Gotta love the fam!! What did they get in return? NC cucumbers and supper. I'll work on a better payback...

Mom's tucked in bed and I'm heading there shortly.

Somebody tell me the best freebie you were ever given...


  1. Best freebie I was ever given was my salvation.
    Jesus Christ purchased it for me.

  2. yes it was great to see you as well..and so I have been told I like to talk..and I also do love marden's...have a great vacation...

  3. http://www.kneadedenergy.com/StudentClinic.html

    $30 1 hour massages at the massage school in Greensboro--filling up fast!

    Massages are one of my guilty pleasures, but I rarely pay full price!

  4. I could use one of those massages....

  5. The ultimate freebie-forgiveness. None of us deserve it but we all need it. Give yours to someone and they lose the ability to control you-that's better than any other "rebate" on the planet! And you get a bonus-less bitterness in your life!
    Julie Mc