Monday, February 22, 2010

test drives, free Bible, "satan's sittin' heavy"

Sorry I'm late getting this out to you today, I had to work and run kids hither and yon...
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CVS freebies this week:

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Feb 23 is National Pancake Day with free pancakes at IHOP. Everyone gets a free short stack. Contributions to Children's Miracle Network are appreciated.

The 80% off code is back @ Code is: SAVOR , expires (2/28) Get a $25 restaurant certificate for $2. As soon as you order, you can print the certificate and use it immediately. It's good for a year. Check by zip to see what restaurants in your area participate. Coming up this week: insurance deals for the self-employed, great fabric store and what's the fuss about swagbucks and slick deals.

Inspiration for the day: Last night one of my boys came home very angry. I stopped him in the kitchen and asked him why he was mad. Someone had done something to him and he was (justifiably) angry because the person had acted like "it wasn't a big deal." I asked him if he thought having rotten attitude, being unforgiving himself and annoying the rest of the family was the right response. "What am I supposed to do, be happy?" Defiance was etched all over his face. I watched him for a few seconds and realized we weren't going to get anywhere at that moment. I told him to go to his room and not to come down to watch the Olympics with us until he got his attitude under control. He turned and walked quickly upstairs, being very careful not to stomp/slam, knowing that would have sealed his fate. I said a quick prayer, wondering- as every parent does- if I was doing the right thing and making a mental note to go up and talk to him later. 

A half hour later, I was busy in the kitchen. Suddenly these arms grabbed me and turned me around. My son buried his face in my shoulder and hugged me so tight I couldn't even lift my arms. This is what came out between sobs: "I'm so sorry, Mom. Will you forgive me? ("Yes") I was laying up there and I was so mad and just told myself I wouldn't come down ever. But the longer I laid there, the worse I was like Satan was sittin' heavy on my heart. I knew I was wrong but I didn't want to pray and then my verse from school (see DOES make a difference) just came into my head that says 'hold fast to God and serve him with all your heart and soul' and I knew I couldn't do that and be mad and then I knew I had to come down here." I peeled his face off my shoulder and looked at his tears through my own. "And you feel better now, don't you." A smile broke out on his face, all defiance melting. I told him he was doing well to learn the lessons of forgiveness early and that his mama had a hard time with that too. It was one of those moments you just want treasure forever...and you wish every conflict ended that way.

So there's the life of value lesson for you...are you holding on to unforgiveness that eats away as bitterness in your soul? Do you hide it and even forget about it for weeks at a time? Oh, believe me, I was VERY good at pretending everything was OK...after all, it wasn't my fault the other person was a jerk. But that bitterness is NEVER worth it....and my son is right, you can't hold fast to God and carry that bitterness too...cause Satan does sit pretty heavy.  Out of the mouths of babes... 

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