Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday update's the latest update from the Cliff homefront:

Grocery bill this week: $121.00 (to WM, CL, RA, Aldi, Wags, DT and CVS) making the weekly average $98.00 since 1/24.  Higher than I thought I was actually, so this is good for me. I have debated on whether or not to include pet food (I do include cleaning products, toiletries and paper products). If pet food was out, my weekly average right now would be $90. Semantics, I now, but most people who share averages like this only include food items.

Dinner meals this week: pork stir fry, burgers/fruit, lasagna/green beans, pot roast/taters/corn, pizza/salad, taco casserole.

I have been asked to teach some classes on saving money/couponing. I'm needing to have a "show of hands" many of you in the area think this is a good idea??  Email or post to the blog.

Not a lot of freebies this coming week: RA has NYC cosmetics, BIGI, with a c/o they would be free and lamisil is free with SCR and c/o. Walgreens has Excedrin menstuel cramp express gels 20 ct free with RR and c/o. Will have to let you know about CVS.

What a gorgeous day here in NC...went for a run (50 degrees, finally) with Mike and Lee and saw my first crocuses. Had soup for lunch, which has to be the absolute best tightwad meal...I dug around in the frig and used cut up spaghetti noodles, chopped turkey lunch meat, a 1/2 bag of corn and some onions. Kids scarfed it.

Gonna go do some research...happy savings!

Free concert tonight in High Point by the Air Force Band. Always phenomenal!

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