Thursday, February 18, 2010

Harris Teeter

OK, as most of you know, I lovingly refer to Harris Teeter as our friendly neighborhood yuppie mart. (If you think this article doesn't apply to you, just replace HT with your most expensive grocer--Shaws and Kroger come to mind...) I really don't go to HT very often. I shop mostly at Aldi (Sav-a-Lot has similar prices) and Wal-Mart. But, there are times when HT has items that I just can't find anywhere else. And the samples of their bread with olive tapenade? To die for. And let's face it? Where else can you find an olive bar with over a gazillion varities? Olives you never knew you needed but now cannot live without! Olives that will change your life!!! Sorry, got a little carried away:)
But seriously, HT does offer some bang-up deals occasionally. Make sure you have signed up for their VIC customer card (and if you haven't linked it to a school, link it to HPCA please!!) They always double coupons to 99 cents and I'm already hearing some smashing good reports from you regarding the super double coupons this week...up to $1.98. I plan to go today. Two things about these deals: 1. Last time I went in with coupons to double,  I didn't find ONE item that wasn't cheaper at Aldi, in spite of  using the double coupon. Now, granted, the items that would have been free after the coupons were sold out. But still. Don't just think about how much you can save. Think about how much you can get the item for elsewhere...or what you you can use instead of that item. 2.  I have the tendency to get things that I don't really need just because they are cheaper. Now, if they are free, that's different. Even if I can't use it, I'll give it away. But that $20.00 cleaner I've been dying to try that is BIGIF and I have a $1.00 coupon doubled...and now it's only $8.00...see what I'm saying? I really don't need it. My off-brand dollar store cleaner works just as well. That being said, I'm off later today to see what I can get. Will let you know...and you let me know your good deals! Here's a list of free items with the double coupons...if they aren't sold out:

Jell-O Gelatin 3 oz., 57¢ ea

-$1.25/3 Any Participating Kraft Dessert products tearpad (makes 3 FREE)

Marie Callender’s Home Style Creations $3 ea

-$1.50 off Marie Callender’s Creations home mailer

Franks Red Hot Sauce 4.5 oz $1.25

-.75/1 Franks Red Hot Sauce SS 1/24 (would be Free on normal weeks)

Prego Sauce - Heart Smart Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic, 26 oz, $2.00*

-$1 off Prego Heart Smart Italian Sauce, any SS 2/07

Kraft Ranch Salad Dressing $2.75

-$1.50/1 Kraft Dressings tearpad

Keebler Wheatables Nut Crisps-Roasted Almond $2.99

-$1.50 off Keebler Wheatables Tearpad

Starbucks Frappucino 9.5 oz. $1.99

-$1 off Starbucks Frappucino printable

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.79

-$1 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese Grape Magazine from Publix

-$1/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese tearpad (makes it 79¢)

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate 4.25 oz $1.49

-$1 off Hershey’s Dark Bar or Bag SS 1/10

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 8oz 45¢

-$1/4 Hunt’s Products in store dispenser

Free Hunts Diced Tomatoes wyb (3) Hunts Sauces SS 1/24

Nasoya Silken Style Creations, 17 oz, $2-$2.49

-$1.25 off Nasoya Silken Style Creations, RP 9/27

Wholly Guacamole 7oz $1.99

-$1 off Wholly Guacamole RP 1/31

B1G1 Wholly Guacamole or Salsa SS 1/03

(buy 2, use B1G1 and $1 off makes 2 FREE)

Smart Balance Sour Cream $1.79

-$1 off Smart Balance Sour Cream RP 1/10

8th Continent Soymilk, 64 fl oz, $2.99

-$1.50 off 8th Continent Soy Milk Product, printable

Muir Glen Tomato Paste $1.49

-$1 off Muir Glen printable

Fisher Fusion Trail Mix $2

-$1 off Fisher Product, Any 4 Oz. + SS 2/07

Dannon DanActive Probiotic Dairy Drink, 4 pk 12.4 oz, $2*

-$1 off DanActive 4-pk or 8-pk, any SS 2/07

Dannon Dan-o-nino $2*

-$1 off Dannon Dan-o-nino product, any excluding 24-ct SS 2/07

Dannon Danimals $2*

-$1 off Dannon Danimals Coolision 6-pack, any SS 2/07

Dannon Yogurt - Activia $2*

-$1 off Dannon Activia, SS 2/07

Chobani Yogurt $1.45

-$1 off Chobani Yogurt SS 12/13

B2G1 Chobani Yogurt printable

Oikos Yogurt 5.3 oz $1.89

-$1 off Oikos SS 1/3

Chinet Napkins 40ct., $1.40

-$1 off Chinet product printable (IE) or printable (FF)

Revlon Nail Clippers or File. $1.99

-$1 off Revlon Beauty Tool SS 1/17 (makes it FREE)

Degree Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, 0.5 oz, (trial size) $1.50

-$1 off Degree Men or Women Deodorant or Body Mist products, any RP 1/31

G.U.M. Kids Flossers, or Orthodontic Wax $1.99

-$1 off G.U.M. Accessory RP 11/15

Bayer Aspirin 32 ct $1.99

-$1 off Bayer Aspirin 10 ct + RP 1/3, 1/31 or printable

Band Aid Travel Pack 8 ct $1

Band Aid Butterfly Closures 10 ct $1.79

-$1 off Band Aid product RP 1/03

Rolaids 36ct $1.99

-$1 off Rolaids RP 12/13

Soft Scrub Cleaner $2.50

-$1.50 off Soft Scrub printable
Dawn Direct Foam $1.99

-$1.50 off Dawn Direct Foam “Home Made Simple” mailer

Bounty Paper Towels 1 ct $1.50

-$1 off any Bounty Towels “Thank You Mom” home mailer

Lip Smackers $1.99

-$1 off Lip Smacks
Johnson’s Baby Powder or Oil 4 oz $1.79

-$1 off Johnson’s Baby Product RP 1/3, 12/13

Johnson’s First Aid Gauze or Tape $1.99

-$1 off Johnson’s First Aid RP 1/3

Bistex 99¢

-$1/2 Blistex SS 12/13 (makes 2 free)

Glade PlugIns Scented Gel Warmer 2.19

-1.50 off SS 1/24

Reach Dental Floss - Clean Burst Waxed Icy Spearmint $1.79

-$1 off Reach Dental Floss RP 1/3

Sure Deodorant for Men $2.89

-$1.50 off Sure Deodorant for Men SS 1/24

And if you are getting this via email...go check out the blog site. I've added some permanent pages (coupon lingo, recipes, and CVS strategies) and will be adding and updating more on a regular basis.

11 days until the drawing for a $20.00 Home Depot card. Get your friends to sign up!
Happy Savings!!

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