Saturday, February 6, 2010

Austin Carty, blogger,

Last night, for our date, Mike and I went to a book signing by one of Mike's former students, Austin Carty. Austin was on survivor a few seasons back. He's been an aspiring author like myself for quite some time and has finally published his first book High Points and Lows: Life, Faith and Figuring it All Out. It's a good little book from a 20-something Christian guy who is being pretty honest about life in general. Find it on Amazon.

As you will see today, I have been playing around with my website today trying to figure out how to put ads on. I want to put items that seem to be relevant to saving money, so be patient with me while I figure it all out.

Go to to file your taxes for free! I haven't used this, but friends tell me it's wonderful.
Daily Buck (How I saved or made a buck today): I recieved a box of Chocolate Cheerios and 10 $1.25 coupons for the same in the mail...a BIG box...not some queasy little sample. This was for signing up at You know how some places only send you a small sample, like one tampon, or a 10 cent coupon...well, not here. Go sign up, definately worth it. And my kids loved the cereal. Also got a McDonalds coupon for a free Frappe. I read on another site that mickey d's is offering free iced coffee every Weds for the month of February and they have free wi-fi now also. I work all day Weds, so let me know what you find out. Bought a Word program on ebay for half the Staples price and also bought a kayak from a guy I went to HS with in Maine. Good day on the money front.
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